We recommend to the buyer that before taking over and paying for a shipment, to check it on the spot to see whether the shipment is not damaged. In the event of extensive damage (torn packaging, deformation and other extensive damage), we recommend not accepting the shipment. The warranty period for the offered goods is 24 months unless the goods have a longer warranty period and start running on the date of receipt of the goods by the customer. Information on service points for warranty and post-warranty service will be provided upon request by telephone or by e-mail.

Legal complaint procedure

In case of complaint, the buyer will send the claimed goods to the postal address of SMARTWIEL, s.r.o., Sebešťanová 256, 017 01 Považská Bystrica. The package must be properly packaged and include the following: the claimed goods, including the accessories, the original warranty card, a copy of the invoice, a description of the defect and the buyer’s contact details - return address, telephone number, e-mail. When the goods are sent as payment upon delivery, this shipment will not be accepted. We recommend that the goods be insured. Returned goods must be delivered in clean condition and mechanically undamaged. After handling the claim the return of the shipment is paid by the seller.

If the product defect arises in the warranty period, the customer has the right to the elimination of the defect. In case the defect of the goods is not possible to eliminate, the supplier will replace the defective product with a new one or, after agreement, a product of a different type, with additional payment or refund of the price difference.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by:

• natural or excessive mechanical wear
• deterioration of goods or parts due to neglect of maintenance
• use of goods in conditions that do not correspond to their temperature, dustiness , moisture, chemical and mechanical influences of the environment in which the goods are normally used
• interference with the goods by unauthorized persons (unprofessional repairs or modifications)
• use of the goods in violation of the operating instructions
does not cover damage resulting from a natural disaster, violent damage, weather conditions, or operation under extreme and unusual conditions. All warranty claims are free of charge, including the cost of delivering the repaired goods to the Buyer. The seller immediately decides on the claim, in complex cases within 3 business days. In justified cases, especially if required by a complex technical assessment of the condition of the product, no later than 30 days from the date of making the claim. Upon expiry of this period, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract or has the right to exchange the product for a new product. The seller notifies the buyer about the claim either by phone, SMS or e-mail and sends the goods at its own expense to the buyer’s address. Upon handling a claim, the repaired goods and the claim report will be sent to the buyer. In handling a claim, the warranty period is extended by the duration of the claim. If the complaint has been settled within the statutory warranty period by replacing the goods with a new item, then the warranty period will begin to run again from the date the complaint is handled.

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